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Guided tours in the Eternal City
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There are those who plan, those who study, and those who accompany you...

... to create and offer you the best 3D experiences!

Carlo Cestra

Senior CG Artist

Carlo Cestra was born and raised in Rome, Italy. He entered the world of computer graphics in the early 90s, creating digital content for some local TV stations while studying Physics at the University of "La Sapienza". His hometown fueled his passion for ancient history, and he was probably one of the first digital artists to apply computer graphics to archaeology. In 1998, he began his professional career at the Department of Computer Graphics and Special Effects of Rai as a 3D Generalist and Compositor for scientific broadcasts, including SuperQuark Speciale and Passaggio a Nord Ovest, two of the most important scientific dissemination TV programs in Italy. In the following years, he gained extensive experience creating computer graphics reconstructions and animations in the scientific, historical, and archaeological fields, blending his passion with his work. Starting in 2005, when he decided to start his own business as a freelancer, and then in 2010, when he consolidated his company, he began to collect important collaborations at the international level in the production of documentaries, films, TV programs, and historical reconstructions. Among the many companies, he can mention Cinecittá Luce, Rai, and Rainbow-CGI (where he also worked as a Senior Compositor and Head of Compositing Department); among the internationally renowned documentarians, Folco Quilici, Iantd, and Icon Films; among the videogame and simulator companies Depth Crush Uboat Simulator and CrossTail Studios, a developer for Digital Combat Simulator; among the specialized magazines in historical reconstructions of World War II Caraktere and Kagero; among the museums Lavinium, Gradara, the Museum of Roman Ships in Nemi, and Palazzo Massimo in Rome; among the institutions the Cultural Heritage of Rome, the Military Consortium of Menorca, and the Insular Council of Mallorca. Some of his works have been broadcast on TV channels such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, Rai, and IB3. He has also produced and created the two historical documentaries Inferno di fuoco and Operazione Gaudo. His 3D models are sold on major international platforms. Since 2018, he has created the brand Vr Back to the Past producing and creating historical-archaeological panoramic videos with 3D reconstructions, animated by actors in costume, about Imperial Rome, Vatican history, and medieval Viterbo, which are used for on-site tours accompanied by specialized tourist guides.

Serena Pascoli

Serena Pascoli

Sales Manager and Tour Guide

Serena Pascoli was born and raised between Rome and a small village in the Viterbo area. It's here where her love and respect for nature found roots, and she's very proud of that. After graduating as a tour operator and obtaining her tourist guide certification, she worked in store promotion agencies, coordinating personnel, studying and developing display systems, and planning events. Among her clients were brands such as Barilla and Coca-Cola. As a lover of nature and outdoor life, she continued her career as a merchandising manager, a role that allowed her to travel and experience very different environments and contexts. She also started and personally managed some commercial activities, taking care of their organization and management as a whole. In 2018, she returned to her first passion, taking on the role of sales manager for a tour operator specialized in 3D sightseeing tours. As a freelancer, she acquired and managed a portfolio of clients through contracts and agreements with incoming agencies, associations, tour guides, and online platforms. She then attended two training courses as a tourist information officer and for tourism strategies. In 2019, she began an exciting collaboration with Carlo Cestra Digital Production for the marketing of VR products in cultural, educational, and tourism fields. She coordinated and autonomously managed guided tours with VR headsets. What does she like about her job? Watching the wonder and excitement of people when they gain awareness of the magnificence of our past, reliving it through the VR experience.

Elisa Zappacosta

Elisa Zappacosta

Tour Guide

Elisa Zappacosta was born and raised in Rome. Her love for her city led her to pursue a university education in historical, artistic, and archaeological studies. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in History and Conservation of Artistic and Archaeological Heritage, and three years later, she earned a master's degree in Art History. During a work and training experience at the Quirinale Palace, she realized that she could combine her passion for art and her city with her natural inclination for socializing. In 2017, she participated in a public competition, obtaining the qualification to work as a tour guide throughout Italy. Since 2017, Elisa has been accompanying and guiding groups of adults, children, and families on tours of Rome's most important monuments and lesser-known or rarely open sites, collaborating with different organizations and planning and coordinating experiences for individuals and groups as a freelancer. Over the years, she has also updated her skills and gained experience in art education for children and young people, coordinating and leading various artistic and educational workshops for public and private kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools.

Chiara Tesserin Archeologa

Chiara Tesserin

Tour Guide

Born in Liguria, adopted by Rome, citizen of the world by vocation: I am Chiara, a curious traveler, always searching for new stories to discover and tell. I am an archaeologist, a food and wine guide, a teacher of Italian for foreigners, and a basketball coach. In short, I am a multi-potential explorer, an elegant way to describe my "nerd" soul with a thousand passions, all united by a great love: culture. For this reason, you will always find me with a boarding pass in hand, ready for a new adventure. I love to discover something new every day, both "on the road" and between the pages of books, of which I am an avid devourer. I might forget anything to put in my backpack, but never a book. For all these reasons, and others that you will discover along the way in my company, I like to define myself as a "culture hacker" and I am constantly on the move.

Andrea Papalini

Tour Guide

From Rome, with a degree in Medieval Archeology and authorized as a tourist guide, specializes in guided tours for schools of different levels as well as adult groups, in archaeological, historical, artistic, and museum contexts. He has experience in educational workshops and special guided tours, such as tours with virtual reality headsets, aimed at the hypothetical reconstruction of some monuments and archaeological areas. He is also an author of texts intended for the publication of children's books dedicated to Art History.

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