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Guided tours in the Eternal City
with virtual reality


The answers to the questions that you surely want to ask us too...​

Tours with VR headsets

Should the VR headset be kept safe?

Yes, the VR headset should be kept and taken care of, the same goes for the audio guide, they should not be damaged or left unattended.

Is the VR headset sanitized?

Yes, the VR headset is sanitized and delivered to one person per bag where it should be kept throughout the tour and returned at the end of each viewing.

Is the VR headset geolocated?

No, the VR headset is not geolocated and can be used anywhere, even inside schools.

Does the VR headset need to be worn while walking?

No, the VR headset can only be worn while standing still.

Can you wear glasses with the VR headset?

Yes, but we recommend to remove your glasses first and to find the focal point through the focus adjustment wheel located above the headset.

During the virtual tour, do you enter inside some monuments?

With the headset you cannot enter inside the monuments, but we will stay as close as possible to them. The viewing with headset is on the outside.

If it rains, can we still do it?

It can be done in case of uncertain weather with light rain, otherwise it will be canceled and rescheduled.

Can we eat during the tour?

No, you can arrange to eat either before or immediately after the end of the tour.

May I move away during the tour?

No, no one can move away during the tour. If strictly necessary, we ask you to return the headset, and we will give it back to you as soon as you came back.

How far in advance can I cancel the Tour that I have booked?

Tours can be canceled up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Especially for Schools

Is the booking and the bus transportation service included in the offer?

No, la prenotazione e la gestione dei trasporti e degli spostamenti è a totale carico della scuola/ente.
Si raccomanda di prestare attenzione ai permessi specifici per le soste e l’accesso nei varchi della città di Roma.

Where will the packed lunch take place?

In the case of Full Day guided tours, depending on the itinerary and the chosen guided tour, the guide will identify a suitable location for the students to stop and also provide access to restrooms. This is where the packed lunch will take place.

Is it possible to customize the itinerary?

Yes, it is possible to fully customize the proposed itinerary during the organization and booking phase, down to every detail.

When and how will we receive the details of the full or half-day educational outing we have booked?

In the days immediately following the booking and in the days immediately before the date of the educational outing, an email or a WhatsApp message will be sent with all the details regarding the schedule, meeting and ending points of the tour, museums or sites for which admission is expected, or stops on the chosen itinerary.

Special for tourism industry operators

Do the guides manage the VR headsets?

No, there is always one of our technicians to provide support and assist with the use of the VR equipment.

Do the VR headsets have audio guide?

Yes, the VR headsets have multilingual audio guides, but the guide can choose to turn it off and customize the tour with their own simultaneous explanation.

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