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VR Back to the past trasparente

Guided tours in the Eternal City
with virtual reality

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Welcome to one of the best Virtual Reality experiences applied to historical and archaeological tours in the world.

The spectacular digital reconstructions with actors in historical costumes, the multilingual narration and the accompaniment of specialized tour guides make our VR tours unique and suitable for all ages.


Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the simulation of real-life situations using specific software and devices. In the case of virtual reality applied both to tourism and to the historical and artistic heritage, this tool allows users to immerse themselves in landscapes and architectures that no longer exist, to understand their evolution and visible remains.

With our virtual reality applications, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Ancient Rome, relive life around the Colosseum, witness the evolution of the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica, or even take a journey to medieval Viterbo, discovering its ancient landscape and protagonists.

Looking at the world around you through VR headsets, you will see ancient stones transform and shine once again.

The city will never look the same again!

Once upon a time, there was Rome...

The birthday of Rome is celebrated every year on April 21st to commemorate the day in 753 BC when, as legend has it, Romulus founded the city and defined its boundaries. Can you imagine how many stories a city born (more than) 2700 years ago has to tell you? And now, imagine what it would be like to relive them with your own eyes.

In a city as great and marvelous as Rome, with its layers of hidden history, virtual reality allows you to discover the architectural glory of the imperial city, the elegant and majestic buildings of antiquity, the places of public life and their daily routines.

It allows you to get to know it, understand it, teach it and have fun with it. The city will no longer be the same to you!

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Live and live it again...

Indeed, the use of virtual reality can transport you to places even far from where you are currently located. Let’s take an example: you are sitting at a desk, in a classroom or at a conference, but by wearing the VR headset… you can immerse yourself in Ancient Rome! Or visit St. Peter’s Basilica, or witness the assassination of Henry of Cornwall in Viterbo, in 1271!

Studying, exploring, understanding, all becomes much more enjoyable.

And history won’t seem the same to you anymore!

We create virtual reality tours designed for...​

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...schools and students

Let’s meet for an extraordinary lesson, let’s learn history in an engaging way!

Whether you can participate in a guided tour, or prefer to organize a meeting at the school, virtual reality will allow you to experience something extraordinary, and will take you back in time to see, with your own eyes, what you have read so far in history books.

A specialized guide will accompany our virtual journey and will be able to answer all your curiosities and questions. Art and history will no longer seem the same to you!

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...guides and agencies

Rome! Fantasy is full of movies, historical pictures and documentaries, but… can you imagine the thrill of immersing yourself in some of the most significant places of the Eternal City and human history? Whether you are guiding children, curious adults, or archaeology and history enthusiasts, VR headsets will guarantee them a different and extremely accurate experience, and you will have the possibility to offer an even more engaging and stimulating activity. Guided tours will never be the same again!

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...curious and travelers

Did you know that over 20 meters of history are hidden beneath the streets of Rome? Wars, fires, floods of the Tiber, along with the ambition of kings, emperors, and popes who succeeded each other over the centuries, have caused destruction and reconstruction, expansions and abandonments. If you are curious to discover at least a small part of the enormous treasure that the Eternal City preserves, book your visit with VR headsets. Plus, you will be accompanied by an authorized tour guide who will answer all your questions. Rome will no longer be the same to you!

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Ready to travel THROUGH TIME?


Colosseum, Forum, gladiators...


From the origins to the present day


A medieval City

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