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Rome! Fantasy is full of movies, historical pictures and documentaries, but… can you imagine the thrill of immersing yourself in some of the most significant places of the Eternal City and human history? Whether you guide children, curious adults, or archaeology and history enthusiasts, VR headsets will provide them with a different and extremely accurate experience, and you will have the possibility to offer an even more engaging and stimulating activity.

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Services and opportunities for operators

360° technical support

We will accompany you throughout the entire visit and ensure proper use of the VR headsets by participants. You can enjoy doing your job with an extra boost!

Shall we collaborate?

Do you want to cooperate with us organizing guided tours for travelers, students or institutions? We will be happy to work together!

NOTE: All VR videos include a guided commentary in various languages, which can be activated or excluded to allow you to fully customize the viewing experience for your clients.

How does it work?

Plan your Tour

Plan your Tour, knowing that the VR itineraries can be completed in full or in part, and that each stop includes a 3/5 minutes 3D video.

Contact us

Contact us by phone or email and let us know the number of people you will be guiding, their age, and the VR Tour you need.

Here we are!

The price of VR headsets depends on how many people participate and includes technical assistance throughout the tour.

Tours with VR headsets

Tour #1

Imperial ROME

(Click on the map to enlarge it)

A journey through time that will take you to the era of Imperial Rome. The Colosseum area, Ludus Magnus, the Forums of Augustus and Trajan, the Theatre of Marcellus, the Roman insulae, and the Circus Maximus are the places you can visit and discover with virtual reality headsets.

Tour #2

St. Peter's
Basilica and Castel S. Angelo

(Click on the map to enlarge it)

A journey through time to discover the history of the largest and most famous Basilica in the world. From the ancient area of the gardens of Agrippina, passing through the Constantinian building, and ending with the modern Basilica dominated by Michelangelo’s magnificent dome and enriched by Bernini’s splendid colonnade, virtual reality will allow you to visualize and understand the stages of this long, laborious, and fascinating architectural history. But it is not all: a few hundred meters from St. Peter’s Basilica, another building stands and awaits you to reveal two millennia of history and transformations: Castel Sant’Angelo.

Tour #3

Medieval VITERBO

(Click on the map to enlarge it)

The origins of Viterbo date back to the Neolithic period, and in the Middle Ages, its history gave it prominence, among other things, transforming it in 1266 into the papal residence. We will relive the development of the Viterbo territory from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, see the Piazza del Plebiscito and the Macchina di Santa Rosa, the assassination of Henry of Cornwall in the Piazza del Gesù, and finally, be witnesses to the longest conclave in history…

Richiedi informazioni

We want your experience to be exciting, just as it is for us to do this job, and that’s why we invite you to contact us to create together the most suitable program for you and your clients.

You can contact us by calling the phone number +39 347 0705602 (only WhatsApp), writing an email to info@vrbacktothepast.com or filling out the form below to tell us what kind of activity you would like to carry out.

FAQ, the answers to the questions that you surely want to ask us too...

Tours with VR headsets

Should the VR headset be kept safe?

Yes, the VR headset should be kept and taken care of, the same goes for the audio guide, they should not be damaged or left unattended.

Is the VR headset sanitized?

Yes, the VR headset is sanitized and delivered to one person per bag where it should be kept throughout the tour and returned at the end of each viewing.

Is the VR headset geolocated?

No, the VR headset is not geolocated and can be used anywhere, even inside schools.

Does the VR headset need to be worn while walking?

No, the VR headset can only be worn while standing still.

Can you wear glasses with the VR headset?

Yes, but we recommend to remove your glasses first and to find the focal point through the focus adjustment wheel located above the headset.

During the virtual tour, do you enter inside some monuments?

With the headset you cannot enter inside the monuments, but we will stay as close as possible to them. The viewing with headset is on the outside.

If it rains, can we still do it?

It can be done in case of uncertain weather with light rain, otherwise it will be canceled and rescheduled.

Can we eat during the tour?

No, you can arrange to eat either before or immediately after the end of the tour.

May I move away during the tour?

No, no one can move away during the tour. If strictly necessary, we ask you to return the headset, and we will give it back to you as soon as you came back.

How far in advance can I cancel the Tour that I have booked?

Tours can be canceled up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Special for tourism industry operators

Do the guides manage the VR headsets?

No, there is always one of our technicians to provide support and assist with the use of the VR equipment.

Do the VR headsets have audio guide?

Yes, the VR headsets have multilingual audio guides, but the guide can choose to turn it off and customize the tour with their own simultaneous explanation.

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