Make your students live an immersive VR experience into the history!

Travel to the past, explore places and walk in the footsteps of the Gladiators, Emperors, Charioteers, Popes, persecuted Christians... re-live the history with our VR videos!

One of the hardest things about teaching history has always been the inability to experience the places and artefacts you talk about. Virtual reality and 3D images give a new dimension to education and can strongly improve the capacity of the human mind to remember things for a longer time.

In fact the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears but up to 90% of what it does or simulates. VR brings students to another world, another level of understanding.

If you are organizing a travel tour in Rome or Viterbo with your students,
contact us.

You can use our service either by taking your students to one of our "VR Back To The Past Point" or by booking a tour with our guide and VR devices

Service starting from € 12,00 per student
(price depends on which kind of service you choose)